Anh Chàng Hoàn Hảo Mr.perfect (2011)

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Hài Hước,

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Châu Á,

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146 phút

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Vicky (Prabhas), an expert in gaming software, lives in Australia, never compromises in life. He hates "adjustments" and thinks that one shouldn't sacrifice one's comforts for others. He and his school friends, are on the look for a business contract with a computer gaming company, for their dream project. He wants everything in his life to be perfect, even his life partner. He very much cares for his business partners (friends). At one instance, when few of his friends become victims of racism attack over them in Australia, he teaches the goons a lesson with his aggressive approach. At another instance, one of his business associate (classmate) fails to adjust and partner with Vicky in their business, due to his family issues, and the contract is lost, due to lack of technical personnel. Now, vicky tries get into a new contract, by partnering with two old and experienced businessman, from a different company. Vicky tries to hire an animator from one of the associates. However, the two old Indian associates are not happy with vicky's Values, behavior and conduct. Vicky disagrees to meet the animator at his office, and wants, the animator to meet him in person. This displeases the two old Indian businessman and they hesitate to team up with vicky's group. Finally, Vicky indicates to them that he is not going to adjust with old attitude.On the other hand, back in India, Vicky's father asks him to get married to his childhood buddy, Priya (Kajal Agarwal). The process takes twisted and curvy route, and how they get married is the story.


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