Hoa Và Rắn 2 Hoa Và Rắn 2 [18+] (2005)

Trạng thái :

Chất lượng :

Thể loại:
Tình Cảm, Tâm lý - Xã Hội,

Quốc gia:
Nhật Bản,

Thời lượng:
118 phút

Đạo diễn:
Takashi Ishii,


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Hoa Và Rắn 2 – VietSub: Tooyama, an aging impotent art critic, sends his much-younger wife, Shizuko, to Paris to evaluate the work of Ikegami, an artist he sponsors. She discovers shes curious about sado-masochism, and soon she becomes Ikegamis object of bondage as well as his muse. Encounters with Ikegami lead her into a shadowy world of wealthy patrons of ropes, humiliation, and slavery. Ikegami discovers his protective side, and Tooyama reenters the picture. Once Shizuko can reestablish control over her life, she can make a choice.


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