Kẻ Cướp Trái Tim

Thể loại:
Tình Cảm
Quốc gia:
Hàn Quốc,
Diễn viên:
Lee Da Hae,Jang Hyuk,
Thời lượng:
Thông tin
Kẻ Cướp Trái Tim


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* Title: 불한당 (歹徒) / Bul-han-dang
* Also known as: Robber / Thief / Con Man / Bandit / Scoundrel
* Genre: Romance
* Episodes: 16
Kwon Oh Joon is a swindler who falls for a widow with a 5 year old daughter, Jin Dal Rae. Dal Rae lives with her daughter and mother in law after her husband passes away. Oh Joon is a suave man who can talk women into doing anything.
* Lee Da Hae as Jin Dal Rae
* Jang Hyuk as Kwon Oh Joon
* Kim Jung Tae as Kim Jin Goo
Extended Cast
* Kim Hae Sook as Lee Soon Seob (Dal Raes mother-in-law)
* Hong Kyung In as Kim Man Du (Oh Joons friend)
* Son Byung Ho as Kim Ho Jin (gangster boss)
* Yoon Yoo Sun as Kwon Oh Sook (Oh Joons sister)
* Kim Hwan Hee as Jang Yoo Jin / Soon Dae (Dal Raes daughter)
* Kang Ki Hwa as Kim Yeon Ah
* Choi Eun Sook
* Kim In Tae as Chairman Kim (Jin Goos father)
* Ma Dong Suk as Jong Goo (debt collector)
* Im Hyung Joon as the other debt collector
* Seo Yoo Jung as Oh Joons ex
* Jung Gyu Woon as Jang Tae Woo (Dal Raes husband)
* Kim Eun Joo as Young Sook (cameo,ep1)
* Shin Seung Hwan

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