Skeleton Lake Skeleton Lake 2012 (2012)

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Thể loại:
Kinh Dị - Ma,

Quốc gia:
Mỹ - Châu Âu,

Thời lượng:
85 phút

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Đang cập nhật


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Skeleton Lakes plot synopsis: Six ruthless bank robbers encounter someone far worse. Six bank robbers become stranded in a off the grid forest when their vehicle goes missing during the planning of their escape from the police. Now stranded and on a time crunch to make their flight headed out of the country they try to walk out of the forest. they soon encounter Hugh Lambe as a Vietnam veteran who was mentally damaged somehow in during the conflict and now kills anyone who enters his forest using his military training and some tactics used by the VietCong. At first the bank robbers do not seem to know who they are dealing with, the training and experience their adversary has, but they soon figure it out.


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